Meet The Team

Agostino Recchia


Agostino Recchia is the Chairman of the Aluglass Group and has been in the Aluminium Glazing business for over 50 years and has seen the Glazing Facades develop over he years. Important works executed in Europe (1970-1980), Asia (1981-1993) and Africa (1994-now)

Tiziano Granzotto

Managing Director

Tiziano Granzotto the Managing Director of Aluglass Italian Systems has over 20 years in the Aluminuim Industry and has managed and supervised major projects in Italy and the West African Region with rich experience in Façade glazing works. Important works carried out in Europe (1995-2008) and Africa (2009-2015)

Roberto Recchia


Roberto Recchia is a Shareholder of Italian Aluglass Systems with over 20years experience in Europe and Africa within the Aluminium Glazing Industry and has expertise in modern Glazing Machines

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