METRA, leader in the field of extrusion, coating, oxidation and anodization of aluminum offers design and technology to the world The Company, founded in 1962, now has more than 800 employees and over 5,000 partner companies.

METRA’s fixtures can be set in any architectural environment, from new works to restructuring, as well as in the restoration of buildings and constructions of historical importance. The Italian Style and aesthetic beauty characterizing METRA aluminum, combined with a great technological innovation, are the main distinctive elements that make the METRA the standard for those who want design and technology for their projects.

Choosing METRA aluminum also means making a choice that respects the environment around us as aluminum, unlike PVC, has a great resistance to weathering and therefore greater durability as well as being a fully recyclable material. Another great advantage of aluminum over PVC is also the unlimited availability of finishes, so as to ensure the satisfaction of every need and taste.

Products - Extruded Aluminium Profiles
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